Monday, August 08, 2005

Mortgage REITs down, Banks Not.

Okay, so Barrons wrote a peice on why Mortgage REITs should go down, low div compared to Treasury, low Funds from operations (FFO) and such.

Well, suddendly ALL REITs (whether or not they have anything to do with the above) are down like 5% in one day and 10% over two days.

Mortgage REITs are also down, which is wierd considering that they're more like banks and not at all like REITs in a traditional sense.

Me thinks Mortgage REITs are being thrown out with the REIT bathwater.

Interestingly, DWSN, ATW and such are up because of good news in the same issue of Barrons.

Oil hits 64 and they're finally saying that it might be a good time buy up on this stuff? Yeah. Great. Thanks for the update when I no longer hold those stocks.

I'm gonna buy up CPV and something else (I dont know what exactly yet) on this weakness.

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