Sunday, March 06, 2005

The I'm Out Port, Developements, Thoughts

The I'm out Port has done well for itself - adding about 10% of value - a tad less actually, in about a month and 2 weeks. FDG has been the best perfomer - followed by the steel stocks (X, OS) which apparently have some steam left in them.

I always get out a bit too early.

The new port is working out pretty well. In terms of cap gains I'm doing about as well with this as my GRNTE port.

And...Now I'm looking at a few stocks that I like but dont have the cash in my account to buy.


Both high yielding - both large companies engaged in "real" activity. Very interesting.

Added benefit - they're both foreign - so it might explain why they arent being totally picked up.

Anyhow. That's it for now.

Will write more later.
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