Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Joys of Materalism

Okay - now that I'm out of the market I've seen the joys of materalism come back.

Instead of looking at a dollar as an investment opportunity I look at it and think "Wow, I can get some soda with this."

I've got a digital camera - gonna make myself a photo blog. Pretty nice camera me thinks - though as with all things digital the stuffs gonna be obsolete by March. If not sooner.

But that's okay - it should last me a while.

Als0 - for whatever reason - I'm gettin a slightly more healthy approach to money.

I feel now I can go back without becoming a totally a nervous investor.

I'm not too bad at it. I need to get an idea - know what the weaknesses are - then go with it.

Anyhow - I'm out.
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