Thursday, October 14, 2004

Oil Recovers + Diversification

Oil related stocks recovered today.

PVX and PGH are up 2% or so...GMR is up 4% or so...but interestingly oil service (exploreration) companies arent doing as well...

The dollar is a tad firmer, but nothing out of the ordinary.


I'm a fucking idiot - I've traded during the trading day...I cant seem to stop myself from doing it....

this is bad...very bad...

Bought TRU


Okay - first off...IAG is down 3% today. NEM dont get it.

Anyhow - I've been "diversified" in a retarded way.

I'm not a good stock picker - but I might be better at picking sectors (which is almost just as good).

So what do I do? I pick 2-3 stocks in a variety of economic sectors because I think that this will lead to me getting a good cap gain...retarded.

I should put all my money into a very broad spectrum of stocks in a particular sector. The big winners easily kick the ass of the losers (who I tend to pick).

Anyhow...I really wont listen to this either I'm sure....I'm a moron.

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