Monday, July 05, 2004

i've broken the vacation - feel better already

I've decided that the vacation that I have taken from stock trading is doing absolutely nothing for me. I can walk and chew gum at the same time - that is, I can learn about money and manage money at the same time. It never really worked anyhow - I always thought about stocks even when I wasnt officially involved in the markets.

Anyhow - I'm going to buy Heinz (HNZ) and BPT. I dont know what the outcome of these investments are going to be. HNZ I'm buying because Barrons rec'ed it. I'm buying BPT because while I feel I will lose money on the deal (I really think it's quite overvalued) it will be quite an educational experience to understand the ups and down of the markets in the oil trust area. NRT and PTF havent been too educational admittedly - but BPT is the one I always thought of buying.

Anyhow - I'm giving a lot more thought on how to distribute the 300k I will get in a few months (it's actually closer to 400k, but about a 100k is going in stocks that I dont want to sell).

Out for now.
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