Sunday, June 20, 2004

start of the blog; my vacation

I dont have much money; neither am I the poorest person on earth. This is a blog about life, death and my managment of my own money.

I am not a professional at it. I am not particularly good at it. I'm not terrible at it either.

This blog is largely for my own use. If you get a use out of it; congradulations, you probably are doing more with it than I would ever do with it.

First off - I dont really care about grammar or spelling. So if it's wrong - live with it.

Then my "vacation". After getting too into the stock market for my own good (I was trading like once a day, and planned on checking my portfolio every few minutes I was in my house) it dawned on me that I dont have enough money to worry myself over. So I quit. For the next five and half months I will not look at my account barring particular, peculiar events (terrorist attack, massive market crash, massive market rise, tax records being needed, etc).

For now I am going to read a lot of books on investing; live my life without thinking about stocks and how I could get more money from them.

This blog may get into areas such as the dumbest investment moves of mine (to date at least), philospies about wealth, etc.

As a starter let me say that my "actively managed" portfolio is less than the average price of a midsized car but could probably buy a nice 2 year old car.

I say actively because I have a much larger fund that for all pratical purposes I dont consider mine.

I am 21 years old as of this writing. I should be going to college - but I am a very lazy person. I will eventually get around to doing college; maybe be a lawyer or something. But that's kinda neither here nor there. I'll keep you up to date...

Some stocks I own in the actively managed side of the portfolio include (from my vague memory) -

KKD - Krispy Kreme donuts.
WYE - Wyeth
BMY - Bristol Meyer Squibb
GGI - Geo Group (Private Prison Firm)
HD - Home Depot
BBY - Best Buy
DIA - Diamond Trust
IAG - Iamgold (Gold Producer)
LYG - Llyods Group TSB (British Bank, not the insurer) all I own like 20 some odd stocks (lack of diversification is not a problem for me...for better or worse).

I wish that you would go and buy from the companies that I own (with the exception of Geo Group...that would be terrible)...

Anyhow...that's probably it for now.

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