Tuesday, June 29, 2004

society makes no sense...yet it persists...

I have come to the realization (not for the first time, but still) that my major objection to the US is that we are a society incapable of accepting that there is something wrong with us.

Instead of asking the hard questions we take the easy answers and accept them wholeheartedly.

Why dont we have a vigorous debate? I could blame the baby boomer generation who think they have actually done the vigorous debate themselves; when, truth be told, they were just hedonistic naive adjuncts to truly great social movements and grew up to blow all the money that their parents had invested around the world on the material comfort that surrounds them today - material comfort that they both "intellectually" "realize" is "bad" but somehow cant quite pull themselves away from.

I could blame them. The whiney brats who think of themselves as "survivors" growing up to be the whiney hedonistic materialists that they never could quite see themselves as.

I could, but that would be too narrow. Maybe it's the children of the brats who see themselves as heirs to the world of their parents - completely unaware that the unique conditions that their parents inherited have been spent. The through is empty but the kids are hungry for everything that their parents got from it - I have my doubts that the kids will eat in the same amount...

Of course economics tells us that things are rational - that if it is going to happen, it would have already happened. This poses an economic problem to my problem with society - if it makes no sense - why is it still working?

I'm not sure the answer to this. I may need to consider the very real possibility that my angst at the currently successful class is deeply misplaced - that they truly deserve everything they have, and despite all the economic evidence to the contrary, the next generation can easily replicate the success of the prior generation.

If I could accept that - the world would be much clearer and things would be much better for me personally and financially.
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