Sunday, June 27, 2004

so much little wealth

I was reading that John Kerry's wife has probably around a billion dollars and maybe up to three billion dollars. If you include some charitable trusts - well...then the amount balloons to nearly 5 billion (if you believe the three billion figure).

I dont begrudge their wealth. It's great that they had the fortune of being born in a family that had money (although, it should be noted, now they are totally out of the productive sector of the economy and totally freeloading on the rest of the economy...which is a goal for myself as I dont begrudge them)....

Anyhow...what I do get upset by is the fact that while they have a lot of wealth (as do many others in the US) but we still havent covered everyone with decent health care. Nor have we expanded educational opportunities so that everyone who wants to go to college can actually afford it.

Oh well...sad sad world...
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