Tuesday, June 22, 2004

pompous white guys, stupid religious folks - thanks

If there are two groups of people that annoy me they could be classified as pompous white guys and stupid religious folks.

Pompous white guys are almost comical in the stereotyped way of existence. They tend to be extremely stingy, extremely careful about how they live there lives and always seeing the world as there servant. They tend to read Time or Newsweek and then assume that they are "well informed" about how the world works. They also tend to be Republicans. Probably because they never understood just how helpful the government really has been in there own lives.

I dont buy into this totally. But I do for the most part. They are secretly quite racist (at least in the North they wont admit to being overtly racist, though they would refer to "other" people in thinly veiled manners of speech like "less educated" "poorer populace" "those with less sense" - all of which could in reality refer to any race of people, but you know what they mean).

More important would be the sense of the world owing someting to them, or alternatively, a sense that they really really really help the world out SOOOO much. Since I am half Japanese I can understand that when they refer to Japan still being a "less developed country" they dont have clue as to what they are talking about. Many still hold antiquated notions about American financial power in the world as being surpreme, largely because they believe that their own savings (maybe a million or so) as being a "very large" sum.

This arrogance is usually fired by the fact that they have found good jobs and have a good education. Instead of seeing that all of it can wash away at any time (especially when the US is borrowing 5% of GDP per annum) they see it as a permanent status confirred on them by God Himself, available for anyone if they would only "work" hard (as if people in other countries dont work hard).

Religous folk are those white people, despite their relative poverty, still see the social order promulgated by the rich white folks as good and wholesome. They work like modern day slaves for the rich so that they can make a living - yet they do not resent it. Instead, they accept it as there place in life and are not only happy with it, they actually do not want anything to disturb there "steady" lives. To many of them Liberal programs arent "help" they are "handouts" to be rightly disregarded (even it that means it actually hurts their own interests).

Anyhow - Thank You

I'm obviously not the biggest fan of these groups of folks. On the other hand - I want to thank you for giving me a society that is both retarded in its construction and very very predictable.

The only group not falling into this group is the baby boomers - they tend to be more "liberal" (at least when it comes to their own interests) they throw everything off.

As for myself - I will have to make peace with society and then start trying to eat the marrow out of it. In the meantime, I'm voting my own interests which would be liberal.
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