Thursday, June 24, 2004

just checked some is terrible...

I was looking up some of the stocks I owned (on Yahoo, since I still have the prohibition on looking up my actual account) and they are doing TERRIBLY.

Especially T. What a joke - the bond ratings may be cut by SP and everyone is going nuts over it. The stock is down like 9%. It might end the day at 10% down.

On the other extreme are the stocks that I SOLD a while back - the LEAST best among them is up 10%. The best is up nearly 20%. I should have kept them. I know in my mind that it's all good - but I'm quite a bit peeved.

I never NEVER should have bought stocks with only 5% or so div yield. They are NOT "high yield" - I could get nearly the same from CDs - and those are extremely safe.

Quite frankly I dont know what I was thinking.

Rules - Dont buy stocks that yield less than 5 year CD + 3% and consider it high yield or high growth - neither is likely to be true.
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