Monday, June 28, 2004

dictatorship? yup...

Listening to the reactions today to the tranfer. Everyone is using words like "tough" "stop kidding around" "tough" "tough" and more "tough".

Okay...what COULD they mean?
Could they mean that the military stand down? That the government becomes more democratic?

Also - I'm starting to hear rumblings about the technical definition of the words "martial law".

So I'm gonna look it up.

"The law of military necessity in the actual presence of war, administered by the general of the army. Martial law is built upon no settled principles, but is entirely arbitrary in its decisions. In reality it is no law, but something indulged rather than allowed as law. The necessity of order and discipline in the army alone gives it countenance; therefore, it is not permitted in time of peace, when the courts are open for all persons to receive justice according to the laws of the land. See Mitchell v. Harmony, 13 How. 128 (1851). "Martial Law" is exercised over all classes of persons indiscriminately, in the actual presence of war."

Ah...I get it now - martial law would mean that 1. war is in place 2. the military is in official control (as opposed to civil laws).

I guess in a sense I dont want this to happen in Iraq - and I have a feeling that it wont TECHNICALLLY be the case. But most likely it will be the pratical effect of anything that the "new" "government" will take.
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